It’s always something

Gilda Radner may not have been the most talented of the original “Saturday Night Live” players, but no one in the show’s history has been more committed to winning over an audience. “Love, Gilda,” a documentary that relies heavily on the late star’s audio recordings and diary entries, emphasizes spirit over comic timing, making her an inspiration for even those viewers who can’t tell a knock-knock joke.

8 p.m. Tue., CNN

Dirty work

Even when he’s on a global stage, St. Paul native Nick Swardson never forgets where he came from. In a half-hour showcase that’s part of “Comedians of the World,” the stand-up sports a T-shirt from Minneapolis’ Corner Bar and finds a way to be Minnesota Nice, even when he’s riffing on diarrhea. Swardson spent much of December in the Twin Cities, testing new material during pop-up performances, but this polished set reminds you why Adam Sandler made him a lifetime member of his Rat Pack.

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Who ya gonna call?

“MythBusters Jr.,” an offshoot of the popular science series that has kids taking on the bulk of the lab work, is a noble idea. But the premiere, which incorporates the many uses of duct tape, keeps getting interrupted by grown-up Adam Savage, who is way too interested in looking back at old clips from the original show. These youngsters, including South Dakota’s Allie Weber, are too smart — and too interesting — to have so much adult supervision.

8 p.m. Wed., Science Channel

Neal Justin