Deadly Fanapi has finally dissipated over southeast China, but flooding rain will persist Tuesday.

After devastating Taiwan earlier in the weekend, Fanapi made landfall late Sunday, EDT, along southeastern China's Fujian province at Gulei township. At the time of landfall, maximum sustained winds were around 78 mph (126 kph), though winds were gusting as high as 100 mph (160 kph).

Fanapi quickly weakened once over land and has since dissipated into a tropical rainstorm.

More than 186,000 people were evacuated across southeast China as Fanapi approached the coast.

Many areas across southeast China have reported upwards of 10 inches of rain Sunday into Monday, and more flooding rains are expected Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rainfall totals will likely exceed 3 inches near the center of Tropical Rainstorm Fanapi, which includes Hong Kong.

Fanapi has left many residents in southeast China and Taiwan without power, and many businesses and schools have closed due to flooding. Schools will stay closed across Taiwan Tuesday, but are expected to reopen Wednesday as flood waters recede.

Domestic and regional air and railroad services have been halted across southeast China.

Fanapi slammed onshore over eastern Taiwan late Saturday, local time, with sustained winds near 125 mph. Very heavy rainfall fell across the country, with up to 44 inches reported in the mountains, producing widespread flooding and mudslides.

All eyes are now shifting toward a newly developed tropical depression, which formed Monday morning EDT about 250 miles north of Saipan. The good news is that this depression, 13W, is expected to move northward then northeastward and miss both Taiwan and southeast China.

Story by Rob Miller, Senior Meteorologist