Gov. Mark Dayton is urging the Minnesota Supreme Court to act quickly, before the latest court challenge to the new Vikings stadium derails the entire project.

"I just hope the Supreme Court recognizes the urgency of this situation and will act as quickly as it possibly can," Dayton told reporters Tuesday.

Three Minneapolis residents — former mayoral candidate Douglas Mann; his wife, Linda; and onetime city School Board member David Tilsen — have filed a lawsuit with the state’s highest court claiming that the impending bond sale is unconstitutional. The pending lawsuit prompted the state to abruptly cancel last week's scheduled sale of $468 million in bonds.

Dayton warned that if the financing for the $1 billion stadium project is delayed for more than a few days or weeks, "the whole thing could collapse," derailing not only the new Vikings stadium, but the hundreds of millions of dollars in development projects around the stadium site.

"All that’s being jeopardized because three people still don’t like the project," Dayton said. "We’re always going to have controversial projects…At some point, you’ve got to say okay, in a democracy, the project’s got to be able to go ahead, or people suffer, and people are going to suffer the very serious consequences of this project being derailed, and it could happen very quickly if we don’t get a very quick response from the Supreme Court. I realize that’s asking a lot of them, that’s much faster than they usually can proceed. But this is a very urgent situation."