In front of the national letter carriers union’s 9,100-member convention in Minneapolis Monday, Gov. Mark Dayton gave a passionate defense of paper.

“We rely on you so much and we can rely on you so well that we have a tendency to take your super hard work for granted” he said to the letter carriers, who face threats of closing post offices and ending 6-day-a-week mail.

“My sons…they don’t read the morning newspaper as a paper, they read it online. And yet they still rely on their mail."

"Now," he continued. "I’m an old fashioned guy. I want to hold something in my hands. I want something that’s going to be the same tomorrow as it is today. I don’t want something that will crash overnight. I want something that can’t be hacked or scammed or spammed or infected or whatever else. I want something that [has] come from you.”