Gov. Dayton and the new House Republican Leader, Rep. Kurt Daudt, had a get-acquainted lunch Wednesday and discussed the importance of working together, Daudt said.
“It was a good lunch, very positive,” said Daudt, R-Crown, who was selected Nov. 10 to be the House Minority Leader when the 2013-14 session begins in January.
Daudt said he and the governor talked more about their backgrounds and interests than about specific issues. But Daudt said both he and the governor spoke of the importance of working with both parties, even though the DFL governor now has a DFL-controlled Legislature to work with.
“He talked about how the message he got from voters this election cycle was, they wanted people to work together,” Daudt said. “I was encouraged by that.”
On Nov. 6, voters selected DFL majorities in both houses, replacing GOP majorities that controlled the Legislature for the last two years.