A man who spends time volunteering on a Mississippi river boat noticed a frightening smell the last time he stepped onboard. He was especially alarmed because the boat often gives rides to school children. He described his experience in this email:
“I had to move - outside! For I found the odor of diesel exhaust fumes in that area of the boat's interior to be obnoxious!  Often, as I returned to that area later - the diesel fumes did not seem to be significantly lower. I was concerned enough re the fumes (& the possibility of accompanying carbon monoxide) - that I inquired of the boat's operating staff if there was a carbon-monoxide detector aboard. I was told that there was not. Apparently, they are not required by the Coast Guard - on this type of vessel, at least.” 
He thinks the company that operates the boat should have a carbon-monoxide detector anyway. Is he overreacting? Are boats like this one an unregulated menace? What should he do?

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