Always a blast: "The prospect for the future could not be brighter. Success begets success. One great fair makes a greater one the year following a possibility always," declared the state Agricultural Society's E.W. Randall in 1900, who later gave his name to a street at he fairgrounds. This is only the sixth year with no fair, ­so the prospects for summer 2021 are certainly brighter. And since every fair features something new and sometimes improved, who can imagine what will happen by the 2050 fair? Will our great-great-great-grandkids line up for a quick ride into the stratosphere? Maybe the 4-H kids will be showing us how to power cars with sugar beets, or cook the most delicious deep-fried grasshoppers, or raise hogs for fat-free bacon. Whatever comes our way, may we all meet next year at our Great Minnesota Get-Together.Monday Sept. 7

Grandstand/Kat Perkins: "Fearless" is a watchword for this former finalist on NBC's "The Voice," who has a song for fans of every taste. Watch her performance recorded exclusively for the Star Tribune at noon.

Fair Minute: When the fair's epicenter for food is packed with people, you never notice this funny feature. James Lileks guides us through the Food Building. 2 p.m.

Food Guide: You can get your fix of State Fair food all year long with some specialties that appear in grocery stores.