Monday, December 22

Apparently gingerbread has been around a long time, like since years had only three digits, and gingerbread men date back to the 1500's and Queen Elizabeth I. The gingerbread house is a relatively new phenomenon then, becoming popular with the publication of Grimm's Fairly Tales in 1812. One of these fairly tales, as you probably know, is Hansel and Gretel, a tale in which the title characters stumble upon a gingerbread house in the woods. The French version of this story, The Lost Children, involves a sawhorse in the escape scene. Eww. I think I'll stick to gingerbread houses. Children ages 4-10 can make their own gingerbread house at the Roseville Library from 1-3 pm today for free, while supplies last. Maybe wait to make your own sawhorse until you get home.

Friday, December 26

I'm guessing returning gifts is not really what you want to do today. Why not wait a day or two to send back your new Cozy Pod and instead head to the "Birthplace of Minnesota?" Stillwater is a destination unto itself, a picturesque little town nestled into the St. Croix River Valley and currently all lit up like a Christmas tree, but it never hurts to have an actual destination. With that in mind, consider checking out the Earthly Daydreams Photography Exhibit at the Lakeview Hospital Art Gallery. This show offers "hand toned Gelatin Silver Prints," which sound delicious. On your way down the hill, stop off at ArtReach St. Croix to view Horses and Bees and Bears, a multimedia showcase of four St. Croix Valley artists. Both exhibits are free. Once you've had your fill of fine art, continue on to Main Street and stop at the Freight House, an old train depot turned restaurant and bar. The friendly staff and historic setting will wrap a very pretty bow on your Stillwater visit.

Saturday, December 27

What's the allure of trivia? I mean, by definition, trivia are pieces of information with little value. So why are we so excited when we know the only large mammal with ultraviolet vision? Whatever the reason we do love trivia, and you can be a family trivia ninja at the Shoreview Library for free today from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. Register a team of up to six people at 651-486-2309. The event page promises that "snacks and fun will also be provided," so we've got that going for us. If you'd rather hang outdoors, there is a drop-in animal track program from 1-4 pm today at Eastman Nature Center and a snowflake program at Maplewood Nature Center from 1-3 pm. The large mammal with ultraviolet vision is the reindeer, by the way. Reindeer are also known as caribou, just in case you ever come across that bit of trivia. 

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