The tornado that destroyed a Wisconsin mobile home park last week has claimed another victim: a 16-year-old dachshund named Colby.

Colby disappeared in the storm that tore through Chetek, Wis., on Tuesday, killing 45-year-old Eric Gavin and destroying 15 homes in the Prairie Lake Estates park. One of them belonged to the Rutledge family.

In the days after the storm, the family frantically searched for Colby in the wreckage of their home, calling his name as they dug through the mound of twisted wood and metal that once sheltered them. On Friday, they found him — at a local animal hospital where he’d been brought by a sheriff’s deputy.

“He’s doing well,” owner Deeann Rutledge said Friday afternoon. “A few bumps and bruises, but that’s to be expected.”

But the stress of the storm apparently was too much for Colby. On Saturday, Rutledge texted to say that the dog died Friday night.

There was one piece of good news: The family found their pet rabbit, Racer, alive in the wreckage, where he had been trapped in his mangled cage.