Today: Louis Moore, a longtime cyclist and president of Major Taylor Cycling Club of Minnesota, part of a nonprofit Moore began in 1999. The club is named for Major Taylor, a world champion track cyclist in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Moore is featured in the Hennepin History Museum’s LifeCycle exhibit, focused on the people and stories of Minnesota’s bike community. The exhibit, including portraits by Minneapolis photographer Nancy Musinguzi, runs through March 3.


“Major Taylor” by local authors Conrad and Terry Kerber. It’s the latest publication on the life story and accomplishments of the African-American man who was the fastest on Earth in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I also read monthly the magazine Road Bike to keep up with the latest on technology in road cycling.


I am overwhelmed with what is taking place with the so-called “leadership” of this country in Washington — a main part of our media intake on a daily basis. On social media, I am able to communicate with the other Major Taylor cycling clubs and their leadership around the country as we plan events for the riding season this year. Our Major Taylor Club is having an event celebrating our 20-year anniversary May 31-June 2. We use Facebook as a resource for featuring the club and our involvement in the bicycling community in Minneapolis.


I am observing the changes that are going on in the city of Minneapolis: population, race relations, housing, employment, education and politics. Through television, I track the political issues that have our country in turmoil. I spent 19 years working for U.S. Rep. Martin Olav Sabo (D-Minn.) in his Fifth District office, so that is a natural instinct. I’m also following sporting events and educational programming. Too, the continued effort to promote cycling in the city, because I was a part of the original movement.


I spend time promoting the Major Taylor club. As president I speak in the community about its history. I represent the club at many of the cycling events in the Twin Cities and have been a part of several planning committees regarding bike lane construction in Minneapolis. I spent several years working on the creation of the Midtown Greenway. The club has been affiliated with the Cycling Museum of Minnesota, which produced the LifeCycle exhibit with the museum.


I listen to public radio daily. I also listen to black radio stations on a national level. Music is mostly rhythm and blues, and jazz.