Last chance to enter pet costume contest

The Star Tribune is sponsoring a Pet Costume Contest, but you'd better get snapping if you want in.

E-mail your best photo of your pet in a costume to by midnight Saturday, Oct. 13. Include contact information and comments about the costume.

We'll pick three winners in these categories: That's showbiz, very scary and anything goes.

You can enter multiple pets, multiple costumes and multiple categories. We'll award prizes for first, second and third place in each category, plus best in show. (By entering a photograph, you give the Star Tribune the right to publish it on any of our platforms in perpetuity.)

Photographs of the winning entries will be published in the Star Tribune on Oct. 28.

Four legs and curls

Love a curly coat? Plenty of pets can suit your fancy. On the dog side, consider the American water spaniel, bichon frise, Boykin spaniel, curly-coated retriever, Irish water spaniel, Kerry blue terrier, lagotto Romagnolo, toy, mini or standard poodle, Portuguese water dog, pumi and Spanish water dog. Curly coated cats exist, too. There's the Cornish rex, Devon rex, Selkirk rex and LaPerm. The good thing about curly coated pets is that they don't shed much. The bad thing? Well, they often need daily grooming at home and, for dogs, regular professional grooming to keep their coats beautiful and tangle-free.

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