Given that almost every song Craig Finn writes tells a story, it's hardly surprising that he tells a lot of great stories even in something as simple as an interview format.

Finn, the frontman for The Hold Steady and before that Minneapolis band Lifter Puller, joined the Daily Delivery podcast on Monday to talk about a variety of subjects.

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First and foremost: the band's latest release, out Friday, called "Open Door Policy." From there, we dove into topics of creativity, writing ... and his connection to the Randy Moss moon game at Lambeau Field. Here are a few of the more memorable things from our discussion:

*On how he develops the writing material he turns into song lyrics: "Jeff Tweedy from Wilco wrote a book a couple years ago and what he said about creativity is something I found myself very much agreeing with. You kind of have to take things in. As you get older and get busy with whatever, you kind of have to make an appointment to take things in. And that can be literature, reading ... film, TV in this day and age. ... But also just walking around. I live in New York, You can see a lot by just going outside and seeing what happens in an hour on the sidewalks. So I think it's taking all that stuff in and creating your own stories."

*On taking a break from recording Separation Sunday in January 2005 to watch the Vikings defeat the Packers: "I remember making Separation Sunday. We were recording it in lower Manhattan. There was a bar, I don't think it's there any more ... that had particularly good cheeseburgers. We were going there on our breaks, and I remember that game against the Packers, going up there. In The Hold Steady, we have two Wisconsin guys. They aren't particularly huge football fans, but there is cold civility during the week and certainly in the playoffs. We were excited to watch that and I remember sitting at the bar and watching that ... and the sort of weird indignation by Joe Buck. Just over the top. I love Randy Moss, he might be my favorite Viking ever. He probably is. Those were so (many) fun years. I hope we can get back to those years of happiness, and heartbreak, let's be honest. That's something I'll always remember about making that record."

*On what happens when you accidentally buy counterfeit tickets to a Twins/Yankees playoff game in 2009: "We were recording in upstate New York and I left to go to the first playoff game. ... I will tell you, going into Yankee Stadium with counterfeit tickets, they scan the UPC, the noise it makes is very much like 'Family Feud' like errrrrrrnnnnt. Everyone looks. And the guy is like, 'I'm sorry, where did you get these tickets?' But here's the secret: Yankee fans, they can't be bothered for a Game 1, especially against the Twins. We crossed the street pretty easily and scalped tickets and got into the game."

*His take on why the Twins will be the next Minnesota team out of the Twins, Vikings, Wild and Wolves to win a championship: "Obviously they're a small market team, but they're the only Minnesota team that in my mind overachieves from time to time. It's hard to compete against the Dodgers and Yankees in this era. But they put together teams with heart. And they're my favorite of all the teams. I think they're going to do it. I'm not saying they're going to do it this year. But that's the next one."