Q: Is "A Million Little Things" off the air permanently or delayed?

A: The pandemic has made the current TV season one full of delays, reduced numbers of episodes and general confusion. But popular shows have been finding their way back on the air, and "A Million Little Things" is in that group. The latest news from ABC is new episodes will begin on March 11, a Thursday, and then move to Wednesday nights beginning April 7.

Waiting for 'Orville'

Q: I know COVID-19 has screwed up many TV schedules, but do you know when the comedy "The Orville" will be televised again?

A: The space satire, which first aired on Fox, was supposed to return as a Hulu series for its third season in late 2020; that was to give it time to work on what's been called a complicated and ambitious production. But it also ran into pandemic-related delays. Deadline reported that many studios paused production in January "amid an unprecedented surge in coronavirus infections and COVID-19 deaths in Los Angeles County." Some of those shows have gotten episodes on the air, some came back but quickly went into reruns, and some are still on the bench. That means waiting to see when "The Orville" will return.

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