A Bloomington man was intoxicated when he struck a police squad vehicle in Savage, according to charges filed this week.

Diante Cornell Smith, 22, was charged in Scott County District Court with criminal vehicular operation causing bodily harm while under the influence of alcohol. He also was charged with failing to move over for a parked emergency vehicle, driving without insurance and providing false information to a peace officer.

According to police, Smith was driving east on Hwy. 13 about 11:50 p.m. Monday when he hit a squad vehicle that had stopped to assist a stalled motorist near Dakota Avenue. Officer Alex Casey was in his cruiser when the collision occurred but was not seriously hurt, police said.

Smith was not hurt and was taken by the State Patrol to the Scott County jail.

Casey had stopped in a turn lane to help a motorist who needed a jump start. He positioned his vehicle to shield that driver from being hit by passing motorists. That is when Smith came by and hit the police vehicle on the left rear side, Savage police said.

Casey, who was wearing his seat belt, was able to steer his squad away from the stalled vehicle, Savage police said.

Savage police said the incident is a reminder to motorists to follow the Ted Foss Move Over Law. The law requires drivers who come upon stopped emergency vehicles and maintenance and utility vehicles with their lights flashing to move over one full lane when passing or, if that is not possible, to slow down substantially.