I love a good deal almost as much as I detest cutting coupons. I say "almost" because, frankly, my laziness wins out when it comes to cutting, storing and organizing those little devils. But now that coupons have gone high-tech, I've learned to save again.

How it works

If you have Internet access on your cell phone, you can go with a company such as Cellfire.com, which sends deals specific to your location. Download the service, type in your ZIP code and you're good to go. A car-rental double upgrade, free chili-cheese dog, or 20 percent off goods at a favorite retailer are yours for the taking.

Be aware that deals change depending on location. A free entry to your local aquarium won't necessarily be valid for aquariums nationwide -- but let cellfire.com know where you are going, and you'll find a slew of new deals.

Text for success

If you don't have Internet service on your phone, but are adept at text messaging, try a service such as text2store.com. You can specify what kinds of coupons are sent to you based on what you like to buy and where you buy it. Sign up, enter "denim" on the website, and you'll get a text telling you where jeans are on sale, complete with store addresses.

Just a click away

As Sophia from "The Golden Girls" would say, "Picture this" -- You're driving along and you realize it's your significant other's birthday and you haven't bought a gift. No fear. You can pull up a coupon on your phone from a retailer such as 1-800-FLOWERS and with the press of a button be connected to a representative who will save your bacon via same-day delivery -- all this, at a discount.

From the comfort of home

Before you delve into online shopping, poke around and see what coupons you can find. Sites such as couponchief.com and dealcatcher.com gather and post all sorts of savings from all sorts of stores, from rugs to athletic gear and sausage baskets to digital cameras. Double bonus: Look for a percentage off and free shipping.

Watch out for hidden costs and pitfalls. While many services are free (the merchants pay for them), you may incur some costs, depending on your cell-phone plan. Make sure you aren't being charged for Internet minutes. If you pay per text, be careful with that, too. Happy shopping -- and happy savings.