A summary atop a story on Page C1 Monday should have said that, as part of a settlement of ex-Roseville hockey coach Jeff Pauletti’s defamation suit, defendant Felicia Busch corrected statements she made regarding Pauletti. The article included portions of a statement signed by Busch, called a “Correction,” regarding Pauletti. Here is the full statement: “I made statements about Jeff Pauletti that I felt were accurate but that I now understand were not accurate. I now acquiesce in the fact that neither Jeff Pauletti nor his business, Top Shelf Athletics, engaged in unethical, fraudulent, or illegal financial transactions with the school district, sport teams, or booster club. Although I don’t agree with Jeff Pauletti’s coaching philosophy, I understand that other parents and players supported Jeff Pauletti and that his style of motivating and disciplining players is generally accepted conduct by some high school hockey coaches. In that context, my statement that he engaged in extreme verbal and psychological abuse of players and physical acts of violent aggression and intimidation toward players was not accurate.”