A woman accused of pointing a gun at another driver during a February incident in Coon Rapids was convicted Friday of felony second-degree assault and terroristic threats and a misdemeanor dangerous weapon violation.

Rebecca Treptow, 33, professed her innocence as the verdict was delivered in Anoka County court in Anoka, saying "I didn't do this; I didn't do this."

After two days of testimony, the jury deliberated for about four hours Friday before returning the verdict.

The second-degree assault conviction carries a minimum sentence of nearly three years in prison. Treptow's attorney said he plans to appeal.

The incident occurred on Hwy. 10 in Coon Rapids. Nicole Hedblum said she honked her horn to alert the driver of an SUV, Treptow, that the vehicle was veering off the road. Hedblum said the driver slammed on the brakes, then pulled beside Hedblum's car and pointed a handgun at her head.

Hedblum said she followed Treptow off an exit, got her license plate information and called police. Both drivers ended up at a nearby cul-de-sac and rolled down their windows. "Why are you following me?" Treptow asked. "Why are you pointing a gun at me?" replied Hedblum.

Treptow denied pointing a gun. She testified that she was driving home from a doctor's appointment with her young son when a driver behind her switched lanes each time she made a change. Frightened because of past run-ins with a stalker, Treptow said, she pulled off the highway to call police. The other driver, Hedblum, followed and then confronted her, Treptow said.

Police arrested Treptow after they found a handgun in her vehicle.

Treptow didn't deny having a gun and said she has had a conceal-and-carry permit to carry a firearm since 2005. But she vigorously denied brandishing it.