Coon Rapids police said Monday that officers shot and injured an armed man whose family said was experiencing mental health issues.

A relative called police to say that the man was carrying a gun, according to a Coon Rapids Police Department news release. The caller was concerned he was going to be a possible threat.

The shooting occurred about 4:50 p.m. in a residential neighborhood southeast of the intersection of Hanson Boulevard and Main Street.

The 26-year-old man was spotted by police walking north on Hanson Boulevard toward a residential area, but they lost sight of him, according to the release.

When officers relocated him, they saw a gun in his hand. Police tried to de-escalate the situation and asked for him to put down his gun. The man did not comply.

They used a beanbag shotgun and hit the man "without effect." He walked away through a wooded area, seemingly undisturbed by the action. They continued negotiations with no results and then used a second beanbag shotgun to try to subdue the man. But police said he again did not drop the gun or listen to police.

A minute later, two officers shot at the man. He went down and was taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital. Police said his last known condition was stable and that he was being transported to HCMC. No officers were hurt.

"Our hope is that this man in crisis is going to recover," according to the release. "All of our officers respect the sanctity of life and were desperate to avoid discharging their weapons at this scene, but circumstances did not allow for that."

The encounter totaled 17 minutes from when the officers first spotted the man to when he was shot.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension was sent to the scene, according to its Twitter account.

Staff writer Paul Walsh contributed to this report.

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