Hot Off the Press

Ongoing: If this show’s title makes you break out in a sweat, a word of advice: Chill. It’s an annual gig by 42 of the Twin Cities’ coolest printmakers. They know what they’re doing in such sophisticated media as lithography, intaglio, monotype, photogravure, etching and more. Working at Highpoint’s cooperative studio, they turn out landscapes, abstractions, quirky travel doodles, existential musings, cartoonish scribbles, grand waves and 3-D illusions like Lauren Flynn’s “nine-tenths” monoprint shown here. Twice a year they pin their work to the walls, stand back, and applaud. You should, too. Go for it. (Ends Aug. 27, free. Highpoint Center for Printmaking, 912 W. Lake St., Mpls. 612-871-1326 or Mary Abbe