Q: This year we're planning to do a major kitchen update, and I'm looking to install an undermount kitchen sink. But I want the sink to be more of a professional workstation rather than a standard kitchen sink. Can you please give me some of your pro-plumbing tips on pro-style kitchen sinks?

A: To create a professional-type kitchen sink workstation, it's all about features and accessories.

I recommend looking into a kitchen sink system complete with custom features and accessories. Accessories for a kitchen sink system can include adjustable rack shelving inside the bowl, a sliding cutting board and a stacking colander and wash bin. Accessories can fit together inside the sink for storage.

The sinks are usually constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel. Other sink features can include a large single-bowl design with a comfortable depth, a sloping cone-shape disposer drain and sound-absorbing technology.

Farmhouse sinks

Q: I really like the farmhouse-style kitchen sinks, but I don't want to spend extra money just for good looks. Are there any practical advantages as well?

A: Farmhouse-style (or apron-front) sinks were originally designed as heavy-duty work sinks. So, don't let the classic good looks fool you. Like the name says, farmhouse sinks can easily handle all your kitchen chores till the cows come home.

Because the apron-front design creates a large bowl, farmhouse sinks can usually fit oversized cookware like cookie sheets as well. The traditional farmhouse design is with a deep single bowl, but double-bowl types are available. Farmhouse sinks can also be ergonomically friendly to work with since the bowls are positioned farther forward than standard drop-in kitchen sinks.

Ed Del Grande is author of "Ed Del Grande's House Call" and hosts TV and Internet shows.