Great pheasant habitat AND fantastic napping destination.

I love the outdoors.  I love naps.  Combined.  You guessed it, I love napping outdoors.

I enjoy hunting and fishing for the exercise and excitement of each activity, but I also value the serenity and relaxation each provide.  The chance to get away from my "crackberry" (aka Blackberry) and the demands of our "always connected" culture puts this guy in the perfect frame of mind for a good nap.  Today I'd like to share some of my favorite outdoors napping spots.

The Tall Grass Nap

I remember my best tall grass nap like I've just woken up from that North Dakota field.  Allow me to set the scene: for three days straight, I'd awoke at 4AM, set out 500 decoys for ducks and hunted waterfowl till noon.  After cleaning the ducks and having lunch, we'd change into upland clothes and walk miles in search of roosters, Huns, and sharpies till dark.  On the fourth day, I'd set off in a direction on my own; opposite the rest of the group.  As I disappeared from their view behind the hill, I dropped into the tall grass beneath the sunny blue sky and fell asleep to the cacophony of Sandhill cranes somewhere beyond my eyelids.  Outdoors napping utopia!

 The Pheasant Hunter's Truck Nap

Ever walked through miles of cattail sloughs in subzero temps all morning?  It'll wear you out.  Follow the cattail march up with a lunch inside your truck at the WMA parking area.  With the heater blasting inside the truck and the cold wind blowing outside, it's the perfect time for your eyes to get heavy.

The Deer Hunter's Blind Nap

Seriously, who hasn't dosed off in their deer blind?  Artists have memorialized this time-honored ritual of the deer season as often as they've painted drop-tine bucks.  

The Goose Hunter's Field Nap

Like the deer hunter's blind nap, I beg a goose hunter out there to claim never to have fallen asleep in a layout blind after waking up at 4AM to set up 500 decoys. 

The Fisherman's Canoe Nap

The rocking back and forth of the waves, the bright sun shining down then reflecting up off the water, and the sore back of sitting on a metal canoe bench.  Lean back onto the canoe bow and drift off with the lapping waters of rejuvenation. 

The Dock Nap

With your favorite brew at hand, the sun setting on the horizon and the water splashing all around, who on earth would need a soundtrack of mating whales?

What do you think?  Have I missed one of your favorite napping spots, or are you more hard core than I and would never dream of slipping off into REM when there are birds to shoot, bucks to bag and fish to catch?



photo by Steve Kleist