The Como Zoo has welcomed a couple more cuddly critters to its exhibits.

A pair of baby South American emperor tamarins were born last Wednesday and are now ready to meet visitors. The twins are thought to be a male and a female, but it can take several weeks to verify the gender, zoo officials said.

Guests can see the infants — each about the size of a mini candy bar — cling to the back of their older brother Franklin in the Primate Building at the zoo. The twins will be carried around by relatives for the first six to seven weeks of their lives, with their father assuming most of the caretaking. They are the second and third babies born to parents Lara and Roger.

The public will have the opportunity to help name the young siblings during Como’s “Woo At The Zoo” weekend Feb. 13-15.

Emperor tamarins are small primates with long tails, weighing about 1 pound when full grown. They’re best known for their long, white, drooping mustaches.