Which name best describes the Como Zoo’s newborn orangutan: unconquerable, love or magic stone?

Those are the meanings behind the three Indonesian names the zoo staff has chosen — and they’re asking people to vote for their favorite by making a donation.

The Indonesian names chosen by the primate zookeepers are Aanjay (unconquerable), Cinta (love) and Kemala (magic stone).

Zoo visitors can vote for their favorite name by dropping money into the box matching that name, or people can vote online with a minimum donation of $10. The name with the most donations will be the winner.

The baby’s mother, Markisa, gave birth on Jan. 7 and the two have been bonding away from public view.

The zoo will hold a baby shower Feb. 14-16, and will reveal the baby’s winning name in the afternoon on Feb. 16.

Anne Millerbernd