An accident involving a car and a light-rail train in St. Paul on Saturday has left three people injured and has temporarily shut down rail service on a stretch of the Green Line.

At about 9 p.m., a car collided with a train near the intersection of University and Eustis avenues, said Howie Padilla, a spokesman for Metro Transit. The car was traveling southbound on Eustis and the train was going westbound along University, though no further details were available on how the crash occurred.

The driver of the vehicle had to be extracted by the St. Paul Fire Department. The driver, a passenger in the car and one person on the train were transported to Regions Hospital. The severity of the driver’s injuries weren’t known Saturday night. The car passenger and train rider had non-life threatening injuries, Padilla said.

After the crash, a fire broke out in the engine compartment of the vehicle. Metro Transit police on the scene put it out with fire extinguishers. None of the injuries suffered was due to the fire, Padilla said.

Because of the accident, Green Line trains were not running between the Stadium Village and Raymond Avenue stations for a couple of hours, with buses picking up passengers. Just before 11:30 p.m., Metro Transit said trains were going to all Green Line stations.