Coffee has the best nicknames: Jake. Joe. Java. What does Tea have? Tea. That's it. You feel good 'n' manly when you offer someone a slug o' joe or a cup o' jake. What's the preferred dose of Tea? A Spot Of. I like tea, but it just doesn't have the same simple virtue of a fine cup of American coffee, preferably served in a diner mug. (Whatever magic when into their design made it possible to sip impossibly hot coffee as soon as it's poured.) I think everyone starts out taking it with sugar and cream, and works their way towards Coffee, Black. But even if you prefer it with cow-juice and sweeteners, you may balk at the horrible things done to coffee at this site, Putting Things in Coffee. 

It answers the question, for example, about what coffee with bleu cheese tastes like. (Like you'd expect; have a bucket handy,)