'Cobra Kai'
"The Karate Kid" franchise should have fizzled out long ago. But against all odds, this TV spinoff has delivered the goods. In this fourth season, former rivals (Ralph Macchio and William Zapka) team up to take on a new opponent who might as well have emerged from an old Jean-Claude Van Damme flick. That's not the only wink to the 1980s. References to Christopher Cross, "Rocky II" and "Top Gun" are more entertaining than the fights. Friday on Netflix

'Return to Hogwarts'
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," several original cast members are participating in the most anticipated reunion since the stars of "Friends" returned to Central Perk. It's unclear whether author J.K. Rowling will make an appearance. Her seven books were adapted into eight "Potter" movies, which are all available on HBO Max. Saturday on HBO Max

'Queer Eye'
The cast members of this long-running reality show no longer restrict themselves to being makeover artists. These days, they're more like road shrinks. The new season has them offering advice to the lonely-hearted in Austin, Texas, which gives the Fab Five a chance to hold therapy sessions in legendary haunts like the Broken Spoke bar and the cowboy-wear store Allens Boots. Unfortunately, the Fab Five seem to think the locale gives them permission to strut cartoonish Southern accents. They're so insulting, it's a miracle they avoided getting black eyes. Friday on Netflix

'The Standups'
The main draw in this new collection that spotlights up and coming talent is "Saturday Night Live" veteran Melissa Villaseñor, who uses her half-hour stage time to prove she can do more than impersonations. But the most memorable set comes from Dusty Slay, a Nashville-based comedian who is clever enough to lead a junior version of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. No surprise that Jeff Foxworthy selected him as his opening act in October when he taped his Netflix special in Minneapolis. You can see more of Slay when he performs Feb. 11 and 12 at St. Paul's Laugh Camp Comedy Club. Netflix

'Next Level Chef'
Fox takes one step closer to turning its entire lineup over to Gordon Ramsay with this new series, in which the loudmouth chef leads contestants through numerous challenges where they are often forced to use potted meat and third-rate utensils. Despite the twist, "Next Level" isn't all that different from Ramsay's 32,852 shows on the air. But give props to the producers for inviting a more diverse group of competitors than we usually see in these kinds of shows. 7 p.m. Sunday, KMSP, Ch. 9