Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has held a comfortable lead in Minnesota over her Republican rival,  Donald Trump, since the party conventions earlier this summer. Neither candidate won the party caucus in the state on March 1.

Whenever a new poll of Minnesota voters is released, we will add it to our tracker.

Very few surveys of Minnesota voters included former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who is running as a third-party candidate, so his numbers are rolled up into the "Undecided/Other" column. In the most recent Star Tribune Minnesota Poll, conducted Oct. 20-22 by the polling firm Mason-Dixon, Johnson was favored by 6 percent of likely Minnesota voters.

While we include presidential polls of Minnesota voters, we don't weight or average their results nor attempt to make specific Election Day predictions. Registered voters (RV) refer to individuals who are registered to vote in their district. Likely voters (LV) are respondents who pollsters determine to be most likely to vote on Election Day.

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