Double Dragon Foods in St. Paul’s North End neighborhood will reopen Saturday, a little over a week after the city forced it to close and condemned the building.

The Department of Safety and Inspections took action on the grocery store at 121 Maryland Av. W. on Sept. 19 after inspectors discovered unsafe and unsanitary conditions, including wastewater leaking into the basement, damaged electrical equipment and evidence of a rodent infestation.

A city inspector signed off on building, electrical and plumbing work at Double Dragon Foods on Friday, and the store provided contractor receipts showing they had gotten rid of the rodents.

The store is scheduled to reopen at 8 a.m. Saturday, according to Howard Sussman, an attorney representing Double Dragon Foods.

According to a letter Friday from Legislative Hearing Officer Marcia Moermond to Sussman, store owner Che Ku and general manager Bona Ku, they must complete a structural engineering assessment and complete any needed repairs within 90 days.