CHAD GREENWAY: “I start with the cinnamon twist. It’s pretty simple. It’s basic. It’s got good glazing on it. It’s got good cinnamon on it. It’s baked crisp.”

HARRISON SMITH: “Mine is a glazed croissant, and I don’t know why it became that because I had never had it before then. I think it was probably because I was a rookie and it was the last one left. So now I just get it every time.”

BRIAN ROBISON: “Early in the year, I like the strawberry doughnut with cream cheese icing. But that’s a summer special so it ends pretty quick. After that, I like the caramel delight doughnut and the pretzel glazed with a little bit of chocolate on it.”

AUDIE COLE: “I get the regular vanilla cake doughnut. I don’t like Krispy Kreme-style smushy doughnuts. I like the cake doughnut with chocolate frosting. Me and Joe [Berger] have the same one every week.”

BRANDON FUSCO: “I like anything with chocolate in it. I’m a big chocolate guy. I usually eat a cake doughnut, but I’ll take whatever is left. I’m usually one of the last ones to pick a doughnut. Everyone has their preference. But I’m not picky.”