Brett Favre is scheduled to meet with NFL Vice President of Security Milt Ahlerich on Tuesday in the Twin Cities as the league investigates allegations that he sent inappropriate photos and messages to a former Jets sideline reporter when he played for the team in 2008.

The league is trying to determine whether Favre violated its personal conduct policy. Vikings coach Brad Childress said the team will have no role in Tuesday's meeting.

"None to my knowledge," he said. "That's not our responsibility."

Childress addressed a number of other topics in his day-after press conference Monday. Here are a few:

-- On his team's six-game road losing streak. The Vikings have not won on the road since Nov. 1 last season against Green Bay. "I think a team mentality is you've got to love the road," he said. "You've got to love the road. You've got to love going on the road and banding up all together. The only people that are with you are the people that are traveling with you and getting out on that field. It's a great feeling to go somewhere and make people sit on their hands."

-- On whether Percy Harvin could take over as the backup running back after lining up in the backfield several times Sunday: "Just a changeup. Just a couple of different personnel packages with five wide receivers. You try to do that with different people. We'll do it with Randy [Moss] from time to time, just move people around so they're not always in the same spot. Otherwise, they are easier to defense."

-- On Moss halftime speech and the effect it had on the players: "He kind of hit it right between the eyes in terms of what we needed to do to play Vikings football to win the second half. It always rings when you don't know somebody has that side. There's a bunch of guys that haven't played with him before. It's kind of like a, 'Hmmm.' Kind of an epiphany for them. He's speaking from the heart and when you're speaking from the heart, it's always taken very well."

-- On when safety Husain Abdullah suffered his concussion: "The trainer went through it with him this morning. We typically look at the film, usually you can see those things. He was in for two or three plays, he kind of had an idea but wasn't completely sure, which is pretty much the way it is with a concussion."

The Vikings have locker room media access later Monday. Check back for updates.