A nine-inch-tall plush dancing chicken with large orange feet and the ears of a rabbit can cause you to lose your hearing, according to a toy recall announced Thursday.


When the left wing of the Chinese-made toy is squeezed the chicken dances and plays music that exceeds federal decibel limits, according to the alert by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

While this recall likely affects no Minnesotans, any friends or relatives in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska who shop at Fred Meyer stores and whose hearing integrity you value might be worth contacting.

The chick's full name is "Dan-Dee 'Chicken Dance" Tap Dance Easter Chick." About 1,000 chicks were sold at select Fed Meyer stores in the four states between February and March 2013 for about $20.

To view the chicken-rabbit's cousins in action, watch this youtube video put together by someone who may need to have his or her hearing checked.