Yep, it's called Bacon, which just might be the Best. Food Truck. Name. Ever. The trolley-shaped vehicle turns out all kinds of pork-related goodness: BLTs, carnitas tacos, barbecued pulled pork sandwiches and bacon-flavored popcorn, for starters. Terrific hand-cut French fries, too.

Well stuffed tacos are the heart of the menu at Get Sauced!, but what really stands out? The specials. Consider yourself fortunate if co-owners Adam Pettipiece, Kyle Olson and Hector Guzman are preparing Mexican-style grilled sweet corn (tossed with lime aioli, crumbled cotija cheese and tons of cilantro), or one of their fabulous rice bowls, perhaps a grilled curried chicken satay paired with coconut rice, a tangy Thai-style peanut sauce and a cool pickled cucumber slaw.

What could be better for a summer's stand-up lunch than fresh, pretty, prepared-to-order nigiri, sashimi and maki sushi at the just-debuted Sushi Fix? Have a colleague tag along and share a lunch platter, and don't miss the seaweed salad.