Dozens of students at Chaska High School are facing possible punishment for staging a fake gang fight last week at the suburban school, authorities said Monday.

The fight, in which 50 to 100 students dressed in either blue or red T-shirts congregated in a hall last Friday, was staged about a year after an actual fight at the school.

"It was supposedly done to mock that whole incident," said Nancy Kracke, spokeswoman for the district. "We're talking to students now."

Last year's fight resulted in eight or nine students being disciplined in what police said was an incident precipitated by a student flashing a gang sign.

The school, the district and many students took exception to that description, believing it tainted Chaska as an institution with gang problems.

Kracke said students could face detention or suspension for participating in the mock fight. A video posted on YouTube shows students charging at and swarming around one another in a first-floor hall for about a minute.

Kracke said the school had heard of something in the works but did not know until Friday what was happening. Last year, after media coverage of the fight, students showed up for school one day wearing similar red and blue shirts.

The shirt colors are associated with two Los Angeles gangs, the Bloods and the Crips.

Krack said school personnel, including principals and teachers, were in the midst of the fake fight, which violated the school's conduct policy.

The number of students facing discipline and the exact discipline are still being worked out by the school.

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