The four surgeries performed on Twins first baseman Justin Morneau in 2011:


Relieved a pinched nerve in his neck, which was causing weakness in his left arm and numbness in his left fingers. Morneau has yet to regain feeling in his left pointer finger, but he is expected to regain that eventually.

SEPT. 19

Removed a cyst from his left knee. The cyst was located near his anterior cruciate ligament. The key now is treating the scar tissue. The knee is the one area Morneau iced after Tuesday's workout.

SEPT. 19

Removed a bone spur from the top of his right foot. There is still a sizeable bump there, but Morneau said, "You should have seen it before. It looked like a knuckle."

SEPT. 30

Stabilized a tendon in his left wrist. This tendon -- the extensor carpi ulnaris -- runs along the outside of the wrist and had to be reattached to the bone. Morneau spent six weeks in a cast and six more in a splint. He started taking his first swings off a batting tee last week and hopes to be cleared for full batting practice Thursday.