The Bremer file

Age: 57

Hometowns: Born in St. Paul; raised primarily in Dumont and Staples, Minn.

College: St. Cloud State, class of 1978

Family: Wife, Heidi; son Erik, 18, and daughter Hannah, 16

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, golfing

Honors: The Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame has announced eight new inductees, including the late Eleanor Mondale Poling, Mark Rosen and Dick Bremer. The Hall of Fame, part of the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting in St. Louis Park, said Monday that the eight will be inducted during ceremonies in downtown Minneapolis on Sept. 29.

Dark secret: In his youth, Bremer became a St. Louis Cardinals fan for five years when his family moved to central Missouri. (He did maintain some ties to the Twins via his sister’s transistor radio.)

About that voice: “I can’t take credit for it. There isn’t anything I did to get this voice; God blessed me with it. I still marvel when people say, ‘You sound just like you sound on television.’ Why would I sound any different? If you’re going to do something like this for as long as I’ve done it, both your vocal pattern and what you say had better be genuine.’’

Best piece of advice: “When I started in 1983, [Twins owner] Calvin Griffith said, ‘Remember who your audience is,’ 99 percent of the people watching, then and today, want the Twins to win that game. You need to be absolutely objective in what you see. But you can still be partisan because of who your audience is.’’

Favorite game: The final regular-season home game in 1987, an 8-1 victory over Kansas City that clinched a tie for the American League West title. “Bert [Blyleven] pitched, and the Twins hit three home runs in the first inning,’’ Bremer recalled. “I remember I had my back to the field doing the [opening for the broadcast], and when Tom Kelly and [Royals manager] John Wathan exchanged lineup cards, 50,000 people spontaneously went crazy. That game signaled the franchise had turned a big corner. I get goose bumps talking about it 25 years later.’’