With so many moving parts during NFL free agency, it can be difficult to keep up with all the changes. Here are some of the players who made news last week (FA, free agent; T, traded; R, released):



Name Old team New team

Sam Bradford (T) Rams Eagles

Ryan Fitzpatrick (T) Texans Jets

Brian Hoyer (FA) Browns Texans

Nick Foles (T) Eagles Rams

Comment: The Eagles traded Foles for Bradford, who barely has played the past two years (knee).


Running backs

Name Old team New team

Reggie Bush (R) Lions 49ers

Frank Gore (FA) 49ers Colts

Ryan Mathews (FA) Chargers Eagles

Darren McFadden (FA) Raiders Cowboys

DeMarco Murray (FA) Cowboys Eagles

C.J. Spiller (FA) Bills Saints

DeAngelo Williams (R) Panthers Steelers

Comment: Murray will combine with Mathews to replace two-time All-Pro LeSean McCoy, the 2013 NFL rushing leader.


Wide receivers

Name Old team New team

Dwayne Bowe (R) Chiefs —

Randall Cobb (FA) Packers Re-signed

Andre Johnson (R) Texans Colts

Jeremy Maclin (FA) Eagles Chiefs

Brandon Marshall (T) Bears Jets

Torrey Smith (FA) Ravens 49ers

Mike Wallace (T) Dolphins Vikings

Comment: Johnson will replace one of his closest friends, Reggie Wayne, and team up with another, Frank Gore.


Tight ends

Name Old team New team

Jimmy Graham (T) Saints Seahawks

Julius Thomas (FA) Broncos Jaguars

Comment: Not surprisingly, QB Russell Wilson was the first Seahawks player to reach out to Graham after the trade.


offensive linemen

Name Old team New team

Bryan Bulaga, T (FA) Packers Re-signed

Mike Iupati, G (FA) 49ers Cardinals

Max Unger, C (T) Seahawks Saints

Comment: Bulaga’s new contract means the NFL’s highest-scoring team will keep its entire offense intact for 2015.


Defensive linemen

Name Old team New team

Nick Fairley, DT (FA) Lions Rams

Michael Johnson, DE (R) Buccaneers —

Haloti Ngata, DT (T) Ravens Lions

Ndamukong Suh, DT (FA) Lions Dolphins

Comment: The Dolphins made Suh the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history (six years, $114 million).



Name Old team New team

A.J. Hawk (R) Packers Bengals

Pernell McPhee (FA) Ravens Bears

Patrick Willis 49ers Retired

Comment: Willis was a seven-time Pro Bowler who was still in his prime, but he had foot problems.


defensive backs

Name Old team New team

Brandon Browner, CB (FA) Patriots Saints

Chris Conte, S (FA) Bears Buccaneers

Davon House, CB (FA) Packers Jaguars

Darrelle Revis, CB (FA) Patriots Jets

Comment: The Patriots lost both cornerbacks off their Super Bowl championship team.