American League Central at a glance






Kansas City (52-34)


vs. Central: 21-14


Home: 30-16 Road: 22-18


Why they’ll win: Bullpen and defense are in a class by themselves among AL teams.


Why they won’t: Starting pitchers have AL’s 12th best ERA, and KC hitters are next-to-last in homers (67).






Twins (49-40)


vs. Central: 23-22


Home: 31-16 Road: 18-24


Why they’ll win: Starting pitching will keep games close enough for the rejuvenated offense to strike.


Why they won’t: Bullpen is shaky, and starting pitchers could have rough time maintaining their strong first half.






Detroit (44-44)


vs. Central: 27-17


Home: 22-23 Road: 22-21


Why they’ll win: The offense, even with Miguel Cabrera sidelined, is potent. Justin Verlander returning to form would be huge.


Why they won’t: Starting pitchers have a 4.48 ERA, ahead of only Boston. Bullpen isn’t much better.






Cleveland (42-46)


vs. Central: 14-22


Home: 19-26 Road: 23-20


Why they’ll win: The rotation, featuring Corey Kluber, Trevor Bauer, Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar.


Why they won’t: Not enough offensive punch, (12th in AL in runs) and defense is not a strength.






Chicago (41-45)


vs. Central: 15-25


Home: 23-17 Road: 18-28


Why they’ll win: Chris Sale and the rest of the rotation will have to carry the load to make any run.


Why they won’t: Have by far the fewest runs (292) and HRs (60) in the AL.