Masked gunmen invaded a north Minneapolis home late at night and raped a woman and her teenage daughter while beating them and demanding money during a violent 90 minutes of horror, according to charges filed Monday.

Two of the three suspects from the ordeal in July remained on the loose as criminal complaints were filed against them in Hennepin County District Court. The third is a 30-year-old man from Minneapolis, not yet charged, who was later sent to prison on an unrelated weapons conviction.

The two fugitives are identified in the complaint as Reggie D.P. Bishop and Roynell Taylor, both 31 and from Minneapolis. They are charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and various counts of burglary.

The woman told police that she recognized Bishop that night as a man who was known to her and her husband as “Blue,” the charges said.

Her daughter, 14, went downstairs about 11 p.m. July 19 to get something to eat and was startled by three men in the kitchen wearing white masks and armed with guns, according to prosecutors. One gunman grabbed the girl by the throat and all three led her upstairs, where her mother was sleeping.

The men tied their victims’ arms behind their backs, put pillowcases over their heads and demanded to know where “the money was in the house,” the complaint read.

The victims said they didn’t know, prompting the men to threaten to have them get in a tub of scalding water or burn their skin with an iron. One suggested killing them if they didn’t lead the men to the money, the complaint said.

After the men ransacked the house, one of them took the teenager upstairs to her bed and raped her. At the same time, another of the men brought the mother upstairs, the complaint said, and she peered through the thin pillowcase and saw her daughter being raped.

The mother had a gun put to her head and was forced to perform oral sex. She was then led to her daughter’s room and was raped by a different man while being struck in the back of the head, possibly by a gun, the complaint said.

After roughly 90 minutes, the men left and the mother called police. The woman’s husband also called police after arriving home, seeing that it was burglarized and being unable to find his wife and daughter. According to the charges, police found the “terrified” victims in an upstairs bathroom.

Along with the woman recognizing Bishop as “Blue,” the complaint said police relied other evidence to identify potential suspects, including DNA on a lemonade bottle in the house and information from a cabdriver. The woman’s cellphone was found on the suspect who is now imprisoned.

All three men have lengthy criminal records in Minnesota.