Police checking on an unresponsive driver parked outside of an Eden Prairie Walmart last week found a child in the back seat and milk that had begun to freeze from the subzero temperatures, according to charges.

James R. Parker, 23, of St. Louis Park was charged Tuesday in Hennepin County District Court with one count of gross misdemeanor child endangerment for the Feb. 15 incident.

"After they approached the vehicle, they noticed the driver … slumped in the driver's seat and drooling," the complaint said. "Officers also observed [Parker's] 6-year-old daughter … sitting in the back seat. The car was cold and the outside temperature was six below zero."

According to the complaint: Police found Parker's vehicle about 8 a.m. parked outside the Walmart at 12195 Singletree Lane. The vehicle was turned off, but the headlights were on. Parker had bloodshot watery eyes and allegedly told police that he had been at the Walmart since 4 a.m.

Parker allegedly told police he had been using methadone to treat his heroin addiction and that he had also taken a Xanax the previous night. Toxicology tests are pending.

"Officers noticed milk in the back seat that had begun to ice over," the complaint said.

The complaint did not say how long authorities believe Parker and the child had been inside the car or how long they were without heat. The complaint also did not disclose the child's condition.

Parker's girlfriend was inside the store with another child.