Armed with a car but without a license to drive it, authorities said, Angela Jackson circled the block outside the Bulldog Bar in south Minneapolis and for a second time took aim at the man who had engaged her in a noisy fight over their bar tab.

Her first run at Tarrince E. Winbush had ended when she plowed into a parked car, authorities said, but this time she hit him as he walked in the northbound lanes of Lyndale Avenue on Aug. 15, sending him flying into the air and to Hennepin County Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition.

"It is unknown if he will live,'' according to the attempted murder charges filed against Jackson in Hennepin County District Court.

The 37-year-old Minneapolis woman appeared in court Monday afternoon and remains jailed in lieu of $1 million bail.

Minnesota court records show Jackson has been caught driving with a revoked license five times before, with two of those instances occurring two weeks apart in the spring of 2013.

Jackson's criminal history in Minnesota spans virtually all of her adult life, most often involving traffic violations. She's been convicted twice for drunken driving and found guilty of theft, check forgery, assault, disorderly conduct and prostitution.

Nita Winbush saw her 39-year-old nephew in the hospital Sunday night and said he has brain and spinal injuries, and at one point "he died, that's what the doctors said."

She said she is confident "he's going to make it. I believe God did bring him back."

The aunt also is sure that Winbush, of Brooklyn Center, is hanging on for his son, Elijah, who turns 3 in October. "Anytime you would mention Elijah's name, Tarrince would light up," she said.

According to the complaint:

Winbush and two friends were at the Bulldog on Aug. 15. Jackson and two other women soon joined Winbush and the others.

Once "a dispute over a bar tab" unfolded, tavern personnel asked the group to leave. The argument continued outside around bar closing time.

Jackson got in her car with two other women and did a U-turn in an attempt to hit Winbush. She missed and struck a parked vehicle.

Jackson drove for a short time, pulled over and got out to look at the damage to her car. She then got back behind the wheel and went around the block back toward the bar.

Police: Plates removed

Heading south on Lyndale, she spotted Winbush on foot in northbound Lyndale and hit him "at a high rate of speed."

Winbush struck the windshield and was sent flying in the air. Jackson fled, hitting two vehicles in the process.

The day after Winbush was run over, police spokesman John Elder said, "The suspect definitely used the vehicle as a weapon. It was very intentional."

The two women in the car with Jackson told authorities that they went to a home, where Jackson had the plates removed from the car and hid the vehicle in a garage for several days until police tracked it down. She was arrested nine days after the incident.