There’s a school of thought – mostly from people who aren’t any fun – that it’s wisest to refrain from on-the-fly social media commentary during games. Too often, you’ll only say things that you end up regretting later.

Sometimes only a few minutes later.

Sunday’s example: Chad Beebe going from goat to GOAT, at least for a few minutes.

By next weekend, you can be reasonably sure that Beebe’s performance during the final minutes of Sunday’s 28-27 Vikings victory over Carolina, will be the stuff of sermons for sports-minded clergy.

Yes, there will be a message there. But, no, it won’t be as much fun as going back and reviewing the real-time analysis of Beebe’s muffed punt followed so soon by his catch of the winning touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins.

In spoken word, it can not be captured better than it was by Paul Allen, the Vikings’ play-by-play voice. If you’re a fan and don’t want the dispassionate voices of the network voices, it worth the effort to sync up the Vikings on TV with Allen on the radio. Here’s why:

Maybe you listen to the Purple FTW! Podcast. It would be a logical next step after following the podcast's Twitter feed. The Podcast itself gets extra credit for being around since 2013.

Here's a sequence that makes it a suggested follow during Vikings games, too.

Other Vikings fans called out in agony and then called themselves out after the touchdown catch:

There's a third tweet in this series, but it includes language that, while understandable in the moment's excitement, we can't use here.

Here's a random assortment of other Twitter thoughts on Beebe:

This tweet may be the best social media summary of how we behaved Sunday afternoon.

The lesson: Whatever you say out loud on social media can come back to haunt you in the future, sometimes the not-too-distant future.

The conclusion: Ignore the lesson. It's more fun this way.