I can’t let an opportunity for a theme go untouched, so let’s call this “former Vikings QBs” day here on the blog.

After musing about the uncertainty of Teddy Bridgewater earlier, I will now turn my attention to the Broncos’ Case Keenum — the QB who replaced the injured Sam Bradford, who replaced the injured Bridgewater, before all three were discarded in favor of Kirk Cousins in 2018.

Keenum wound up as the starter with the Broncos, a position that is now very much tenuous after Denver agreed earlier this month to acquire Joe Flacco from the Ravens.

Keenum opened up about the impending trade, which can’t be made official until the league year starts next month, on a recent podcast. ESPN has the details:

I was definitely shocked,” Keenum said. “It was a surprise for us; you know, I think probably for the first day or so that’s kind of what it was. You know, for us, we’re definitely disappointed. It’s not something we wanted to happen.”

The Broncos could try to trade Keenum, who threw for 3,890 yards, 18 TDs and 15 INTs last season. Otherwise, they’re either in for a QB conundrum or a big cap hit if they move on from him after just one season.

We don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said. “There’s still a lot up in the air; this is very fresh. So a lot of these emotions that we’re talking about are still kind of going on, still happening. So who knows what’s going to be in store.”

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