A Green Line train and a car collided Monday morning in St. Paul causing minor delays along the light-rail line that runs between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul.

The mishap occurred around 8:30 a.m. near the intersection of University Avenue and Cromwell Avenue. That's between the Raymond Avenue and Westgate stations and near Hwy. 280, a Metro Transit spokesman said.

No specifics as to the length of delays or any injuries associated with the crash that apparently involved a vehicle heading east on University Avenue were immediately available, the spokesman said.

Some riders said they were left standing on a rail platform in subzero temperatures for as long as 20 minutes.

Bob Stjern said he dropped his wife, Kathy, off at the Raymond Avenue Station and hung around to see that she got on a westbound train to downtown Minneapolis. When a train did not come, he said another passenger told him that he'd been waiting 20 minutes with no word from Metro Transit.

Stjern said he understands that service will sometimes be disrupted, but would like to know when trains are running late, especially on cold days like Monday.

"We are sold on the service and come to expect it every 8 to 10 minutes," he said. But when service is interrupted for any length of time, Stjern said he'd like to know that, even if it is a travel alert through an announcement over the public address system.

"What's the fall back?" he asked. "That's frustrating. You doubt if you are ever going to see it."

Stjern ended up driving his wife to her job in downtown Minneapolis.

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