For a decade, readers have been sharing their photographs of the world with Star Tribune Travel — and we, in turn, have printed the best each week in “Viewfinders.” Here are the most spectacular reader photos of 2015, including pictures of a quiet morning in Petra, a suckling giraffe and a Michigan lake in autumn.

The images we receive span the globe, from the Dakotas to Antarctica. No matter their location, the best photos stand out for their artistry, careful composition, great timing and ability to draw us into a scene. We can’t show all of our favorites, which collectively show Minnesotans’ shooting skill and breadth of travels, so please go to to view the online photo gallery.

As we began work on this, our 10th anniversary “best reader photos of the year” feature, we noted that three locals share their photographs again and again, each displaying their own distinct style. Meet these three Viewfinders regulars — exceptional photographers all — see their work and read their advice about taking great travel photographs on G6. Then send us your own photographs, too.