People with hearing loss or in wheelchairs will find some parts of the State Capitol easier to navigate after changes that were completed last week.

Two ramps were added on the Capitol grounds to provide access to gardens on the south side of the building. Minnesota also launched a website that provides resources, information and videos for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Gov. Tim Walz celebrated the new ramps during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday.

“The completion of this project marks another step in our commitment to making sure the State Capitol is truly the people’s house,” he said in a statement.

The state announced Wednesday that it has a new website aimed at helping people with hearing loss. The Legislature dedicated $88,000 in 2017 to get the website up and running.

The site provides information for individuals and their families on finding American Sign Language interpreters, mentors and support groups. It also offers details on grants, assistive technology and training for businesses and family members.

Stacy Twite, an interim assistant commissioner at the Department of Human Services, said visitors with hearing loss can bookmark the site and return to it when needed.