We know the weather is going to be lousy Thursday when the Twins are scheduled to play their home opener against the Seattle Mariners.

We also know the Twins have professed reluctance to postpone the opener, in part because it would mean rescheduling the games later in the season — and this is the only time that the Mariners are scheduled to be in Minnesota.

We also know the weather forecasts are cruddy for the rest of this week, including Friday's open date, which also means there's a really good chance that one of the games scheduled for Saturday or Sunday could (or should) be called off.

The Twins and Mariners both have off days on May 14. The Twins will be returning home on Sunday night after a series against the Los Angeles Angels to begin a homestand Tuesday. The Mariners will be finishing a series at Detroit and then going home to play Texas.

Boom! There's a chance to play a day/night doubleheader.