Three days after a Republican Party parade float crashed, secretary of state candidate John Howe's campaign manager, Tim Droogsma, was released from the hospital Thursday.

The two men were on a float Sunday in Carver when the steering malfunctioned on the tractor that was pulling it after the parade had ended. The tractor bolted, hitting a curb and sending both men flying off the trailer. Howe said he hit his head on the pavement while Droogsma fell next to the trailer, the 2,800-pound car hauler running over his legs.

Howe was hospitalized and released Sunday with 14 staples in the back of his head. Droogsma, who served as a press secretary to former U.S. Sen. Rudy Boschwitz and to Gov. Arne Carlson, was hospitalized until Thursday, when he was transferred to a care facility in Red Wing to continue rehab, Howe said. Both men said this week they were grateful they escaped serious injury with no broken bones.

Both Republican and DFL leaders issued statements with their well wishes to Howe and Droogsma, including Steve Simon, the DFL incumbent running against Howe for the statewide job this November. Howe, a former Red Wing mayor and state senator, was back on the campaign trail the day after the crash.