Goalie Cam Talbot had a prime spot to witness the Wild's improbable 6-5 comeback victory over the Jets in Tuesday's home opener, and I couldn't wait to hear him talk about it on Thursday's Daily Delivery podcast.

But first, I had a confession: I missed it all. Having watched the Jets seemingly take a 6-4 lead on an empty-net goal late in the game, I changed the channel.

Luckily, Talbot was in a forgiving mood.

"First of all, I think a lot of people gave up on that game except for our two video guys. You have to give them a ton of credit, Jonas (Plumb) and TJ (Jindra)," Talbot said. "No one really thinks to look at off-side on an empty-net goal, but thankfully they did. ... You could see people after it got overturned, running back to their seats."

It a good example on multiple levels of the Wild's resiliency, something that became a trademark of last year's team and has carried into this season with three one-goal wins so far, including two with a high level of drama.

On Tuesday, the Wild needed to come back from several deficits against the Jets but somehow still managed to win. And Talbot, who allowed five goals and was the first to admit it was far from his peak performance, bounced back in overtime to make several key saves.

"Just the resiliency of our group," Talbot said. "It doesn't matter if we're down a goal or two. We have that resiliency and character in our room. ... There's just no quit in our room."

Talbot wasn't the league's best goalie in his debut season for the Wild last year, but he brought an element of stability and solid play that was a key thread in the team's success. Seldom was a poor game followed by another one, helping Talbot avoid the sorts of slumps that have plagued past Wild goalies.

In that sense, Talbot might be the perfect goalie for this Wild team. Even his route to the NHL required a certain amount of resiliency — from growing up playing in Canada to a chance opportunity to play at Alabama-Huntsville in college to the NHL as an undrafted player.

"How much time do we have," Talbot said, when asked to explain his path. "It was a long journey, let's start with that. ... There are still those pinch-me moments. I'm not going to lie. This is my ninth season, and I never take it for granted. Maybe it's the journey or the road I took to get here."