My father-in-law loved to fish for walleyes and he spent most of the summer of 1966 looking for a cabin on a lake that was good fishing. He also wanted one with a sandy beach with shallow water where our four children could safely play.

He found Lake Alexander near Randall, Minn., and then went to work.

The cabin was built in the 1920s, and needed a lot of help. But the potential was great.

The first move was creating a new kitchen, with running water. Then three new bedrooms on the west side and a new full bathroom with a shower. After that came a garage that has never seen a car — just a boat and lots of fishing tackle and equipment. Next the inside walls of the cabin came down, and we made a wonderful main room with lots of light. All of this took about 20 years. We helped some when we could, but he did most of the work.

Things were quiet for a few years. Then, we had time to work on the cabin some more, and added a (no-mosquito) front porch, with lots of windows, and another bedroom. We also added a 70-foot well and a septic system.

All the while, we enjoyed very good fishing. “Grampa” loved the walleyes!

Our youngest son is taking over the cabin, so the Hunts will be there a good many more years.

John J. Hunt Jr., Rochester