Misplaced frustrations cannot make it fun these days for the bride of Vikings QB Christian Ponder.

Some in the Twitterverse are being very personal and unkind to @SamSteelePonder purely because the ESPN college football reporter is married to the QB. The tone of repeatable, non X-rated tweets was not elevated by the Vikings going 0-3 for the season as they dropped Sunday’s game to the Browns.

Since SSP is a pretty tough character, I’m sure she’d have more respect for these losers if they had the courage to say these things to her face during a conversation:

“@cponder7: you’re an embarrassment to the QB position. @samsteeleponder divorce this scrub before he comes the next Mark Sanchez” — @luisbasketbal1.

“@samsteeleponder: Your husband is the worst QB in NFL history” — @CanadasCousin.

“@samsteeleponder good thing you have a full-time job cuz your husband wont in a few weeks #vikingsfan” — @bpierce_21

“hey @samsteeleponder: I would have at least got a pass off there at the end. let’s hang tonight while @cponder7 watches film? #robbery” — @prdonahue.

“You may be watching your husbands last NFL start, @samsteeleponder” — @Dom_Rod_.

“Is Christian sleeping on the couch tonight? Great last play there, huh @samsteeleponder” — @mackhmartinez.

“Sam Ponder really knows how to pick em” — @samanthasapples.

Some do try to protect Mrs. Ponder and look on the bright side:

“This is my weekly reminder to Sam Ponder to not look at her @ mentions on Twitter” — @RandBallsStu.

“Christian Ponder goes home to Sam Ponder. He wins no matter what” — @DonDelcoOBR 22h

“I don’t care how bad christian ponder is, he gets to go home to @samsteeleponder at night, so that makes him a winner in my book #babe” — @DrewJacobi.

Not only is Sam Ponder getting hassled on Twitter, she also gets guff about her husband in the signs held up on the college campuses where she works for ESPN. This one was kind of funny:

“Samantha, can Christian even pass the salt?”

Mrs. Ponder has not posted a comment on Twitter since Saturday, when the highlight of the day was upsetting North Dakota State fans by pronouncing their nickname Bison, as if it had an S in it.

She posted a video, http://instagram.com/p/ehcL8Vg0B2/: “I’m Sam Ponder in Fargo, North Dakota. North Dakota State’s mascot is the Bison, not the Bison. Bison. The S sounds like a Z, which makes me Zamantha?”

None of the tweets I saw Sunday were as offensive as the one that resulted in Twitter reportedly closing the account of a man who wrote, “Dear @samsteeleponder: please Steve McNair @cponder7.”

She took him on with these words: “@mikeywaldo: to clarify, you want me to murder my husband bc you don’t like how he plays a game you watch on TV? Got it. #godblessyou.”

The twit who posted the McNair tweet said his account had been “rightfully” terminated in an apologetic posting on CityPages.com.

This twit, who may have opened a new account under a different name, includes words of wisdom to the Twittersphere: “Lesson learned. Think before you tweet, and don’t be a jerk.”

Koch hosts debate

Former GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch is hosting a ­political debate at the bowling alley bar she owns.

“Be sure to arrive early to the October 7 Debate @MapleLakeBowl. @RepRyanWinkler is guest bar tending before debate. pic.twitter.com/zlwy0fkIL4,” reads a tweet at her @justamykoch Twitter account.

This is “The Inaugural Debate at Maple Lake Bowl,” according to a document attached to her tweet. The debate about the Minimum Wage will be moderated by Cyndy Brucato of MinnPost.com and John Williams of WCCO Radio.

Koch was forced out of her leadership position, although she kept her seat in the Senate, after her affair with former top assistant Michael ­Brodkorb was leaked.


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